Lap lanes are bookable 7 days in advance via the website.  Lap swim sessions begin on the half hour and you may book up to 60 minutes per day. Please only book what you will use so that lanes are open for other members.

Adult Only (17+) Lap Swim: Lap Swim designated “Adults Only” is monitored by a pool attendant. No one under 17 is allowed in the pool or on the pool deck.

All Ages Lap Swim: A child may share a lane with a parent as long as they are able to swim the length of the pool without taking a break or needing assistance. 14+ years may swim without a parent as long as they are able to follow policies.

Sharing Lanes: Reservations allow for up to 2 swimmers per lane. Be considerate of your lane partner. Stay away from the center of the wall when taking a rest and avoid wide strokes.

Cancellations: If you need to cancel, we ask that you do so as far in advance as possible to allow other members an opportunity to book the time. You can cancel on your own up to an hour before your start time. Within the hour, please contact us at (206) 364-0920. “No Shows” will be recorded and repeat offenders may lose the ability to make advanced reservations on their own.