Deeded Members and Associates

Sheridan Beach Community Club is composed of Deeded Members (based on a plat map) and Associates. Click here for a map of deeded properties. Deeded properties are required to pay yearly HOA dues, while Associates are non-deeded households within a one-mile radius of the Club. Both Deeded Members and Associates pay annual dues, though they are structured differently. Deeded Members have a mandatory “beach” component with the option of adding a “pool” membership, while Associate dues cover both beach and pool. Additionally, Associates are responsible for paying a contract amount, currently $4,000, split over 4 years.

Becoming an Associate

Associate Application

***At this time, we are only accepting Associate applications from homes within a one mile radius of Sheridan Beach Club.***

The process for becoming an associate consists of two components: an associate application and sponsorship from two deeded members. The Associate application can be found here and will secure your spot on the waitlist. Although there is an option for submitting sponsorship forms at this point, they are not required.


You will need to find two deeded members in good standing to sponsor you to become an Associate. The sponsorship form is downloadable here. Because we realize that many new neighbors in our community do not yet know deeded members, we do not require sponsorship forms to be submitted right away, but they must be submitted by the time your spot comes up on the waitlist.

Each year we are able to allow only so many new Associates into the beach club dependent upon changes in Associate numbers. We will notify you when your name comes up to confirm your interest.

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your application. Please email with any questions.