Lake Swimming

During the summer months, our dock and deep area of the lake is guarded on a regular rotation. No swimming is allowed when a guard is not on duty. There is no diving or headfirst entry into the lake from the dock, from the diving board, or down the slide. Feet first only due to shallowness. As the lake goes down over the summer, we occasionally have to close the diving board later in the season.

Please watch your own children in the shallow and beach area of the lake. It does get deeper at the rope line. Also, beware of the large, submerged concrete block barriers just past the two vertical posts. They were probably originally set to help maintain the sand in the shallow wading area.

Shallow (Wading) Area

The roped off shallow (wading) area of the lake is NOT guarded regularly. Children must be supervised closely by an adult when using the shallow area. On busy days, every attempt will be made to staff an additional guard near the shallow area. Do not enter the swim area of the lake from the shallow area. Entry to the lake swim area must be done from the dock so lifeguards are aware of additional swimmers. A guard must be present to swim in the lake.

Swim Test

To be eligible to swim in deep water without an adult within arm’s reach, swimmers must have at least a minimum level of competency in the water. The Sheridan Beach swim test is based on the American Red Cross water competency sequence. Water competency will be shown by performing the following skills in a sequence:

  1. Enter the water and completely submerge.
  2. Recover to the surface and remain there for at least 1 minute (floating or treading).
  3. Rotate up to 360 degrees and orient to an exit (ladder or stairs).
  4. Swim on the front or the back through the water for at least 25 feet.
  5. Exit from the water.

Cabana Reservations

Members may schedule ONE long-term reservation during the summer season. A long-term reservation is considered more than 7 days in advance. There is currently no limit on reservations within 7 days time. Reservations can be made through your Manage Account page.

Reservation times are 12-4pm or 4:30 to 8:30pm.  If your Cabana party is planning to have more than 10 swimmers, please notify management in advance of the party in order to staff the swimming pool and lake accordingly. Cabana rental gatherings are limited to 30 people.

There is no fee for cabana reservations. The reserving member MUST be present at all times during the reservation and is responsible for their guests. Use of the mini-fridge and grill are included with the reservation. We do not have dish washing facilities, so bring your own cooking utensils!

Club Access

Members in good standing are allowed a maximum of two key fobs per family for access to the Beach Club. The fobs will only work if dues have been paid. Key fobs work during Beach Club hours. There is a $50 fee for replacement fobs. Protect access to the Club and report lost fobs to the membership chair.

Pool Rental

The pool is available for 60 minute private rentals from 12pm-1pm on Saturday and Sundays. Rentals must be arranged 2 weeks in advance. The hosting SBCC member MUST be present at all times during the rental. Book Rental Here

  • 1 – 25 swimmers w/ 2 guards:
    • Pool Member $85
    • Beach Member $125
  • 26 – 50 swimmers w/ 3 guards:
    • Pool Member $120
    • Beach Member $160


Children aged 11 and older may be at the beach unattended. They are permitted to bring up to two guests. Children aged 10 and under must be closely supervised while at the Beach Club. Non-swimmers, ages 17 and under, must be within the reach of an adult in order to enter either the lake or the pool or to be on the dock. Children will be considered non-swimmers unless they have passed the swim test administered by one of the SBCC Lifeguard Staff. A record will be kept of children who have passed the test, and a wristband system for quick identification is in place.

Ducks and Geese

Please instruct your children, guests and other family members not to feed the ducks or geese. Our lifeguards pick up goose poop every day. Please help us keep the lawn area free of food scraps, which only encourage our unwanted feathered friends.

Alcohol and Smoking

There is no smoking or vaping at the Beach Club. Alcohol is not permitted in the pool area at any time. Underage use of alcohol, vape or cannabis will be grounds for membership suspension.