Games start in August (GSSSWP game schedule will be posted the end of July)

Typical Schedule Details

Games are played in a round-robin style with several clubs assigned to one of two pools. Coaches will keep games going at a quick pace to make sure everyone gets to play each other. In the event that a club doesn’t have enough players to make a full team, players can be loaned from other clubs waiting to play. Here is the typical​ schedule for mornings depending on the number of teams. Warm ups are about 30-45 mins before games.

Friday Morning – Three Teams

  • 9:00am     8 & U Coed                               All Teams
  • 9:30am     10 & U Coed                             Team 1 vs. Team 2
  • 10:00am   10 & U Coed                             Team 1 vs. Team 3
  • 10:30am   10 & U Girls/12 & U Girls          All Teams
  • 11:00am    12 & U Coed                             Team 1 vs. Team 2
  • 11:45am     12 & U Coed                            Team 1 vs. Team 3

The older age groups play Tuesday and/or Thursday evenings. Some pools tend to start games at 6:00pm and some at 7:00pm.

  • 6:00pm or 7:00pm     14 & Under Coed
  • 7:00pm or 8:00pm     14 & U/18& U Girls
  • 8:00pm or 9:00pm     18 & U Coed

Players play in their age group and we may ask them to play up. This means that a 10-year old might play the 10 and under game and the 12 and under game. But if players are uncomfortable playing older kids, there is no pressure to do so.

Post season prelims and championships for all age groups are the last week in August from the 25th-29th.