Generally for all games we play USWPA rules with the following exceptions:

  1. Game Times will be 5 minute quarters for the 10&U and 12&U Games.  6 minute quarters for the 14&U and 18&U Games.   2 minute intervals and change of ends will take place in-between all quarters.
  2. 2 timeouts per game for each team
  3. Team Sizes:  All age groups will play 7 v 7. and have unlimited rosters.  Teams may start games with less than 7 players if they are short players.
  4. Course set up:  10&Us will play a course setup of 20 yds long and use Jr size goals.   12&U, 14&U and 18&U will play a course set up of 25 yds long and use regular size goals  (if possible, some pools have logistics issues)
  5. Shot Clocks:  30 second shot clock used for 12&U, 14&U and 18&U games.  (no shot clock for the 10&U games)
  6. Ball sizes:  10&U size 2, 12&U size 3, 14&U size 4, 18&U size 5, 18&U girls size 4
  7. Referees should accommodate players not in the game to stay in pool areas where they are not interfering in the game to stay warm (especially on cold days)